Calling All Ruby Brigades

Apr 17, 2013

  • arcandros

The first time I attended EuRuKo was 2008. I managed to get a talk accepted so I didn’t have to worry about a ticket. Every year after that I fell victim to what I have recently seen called the “EuRuKo ticket fight”.

The conference is popular and tickets sell out in record speeds. It’s a pleasant problem for a conference organizer, but we are not professional conference organizers! We are part of the community and have ourselves been subjected to the same frustration of not being able to secure a ticket for the conference we love. So we will introduce a couple of different ways to distribute tickets.

One of these is something our Dutch friends established last year for EuRuKo 2012: Tickets reserved for Ruby user groups. Interesting fact: Almost half of this year’s organizing committee got tickets for the Amsterdam conference this way.

For EuRuKo 2013 there will be reserved tickets for Ruby user groups. If you are a member of a Ruby user group and would like tickets then please fill in the form.

Give us the name of the user group along the number of tickets you would like and any information that will help us verify your claim . The deadline for submissions is the 26th April. We cannot guarantee that you will get all the tickets you ask for and we do recommend to try and get your ticket from the last batch to go on sale Friday, April 19th at 17:00UTC

If there are requests for more tickets then the number we have reserved we will distrbute them evenly.

User groups are the heart of every local communitty and EuRuKo is the best venue for the local communities to connect, communicate and cooperate. Join us in making EuRuKo 2013 one of the best Ruby conferences!

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